ARK Group consists of such companies that carry out tourism, translation, advertising, introduction, organization, consultancy and training services, that implement all planning and performance thereof which are necessary for the institutions and organizations to be able to transfer their products and services to their target groups, and that are specialists in their own fields.

        Ark Group develops and diversifies its products and services, continually reinforces its staff both qualitatively and quantitatively, and consistently grows since the day one when it was founded with accurate, quality, reliable and rapid service mentality by effectively following up the changing and developing internal and external markets, the new technologies, and the new customer needs arising from them.

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ARK Tourism was founded in order to conduct domestic and foreign tourism activities. These years were the years during which the company came into prominence with visa transactions and tour organizations mainly for Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States.

ARK Translation went into action in order to render translation services. Rendering translation services in every language, mainly English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic and Romanian, the company has expanded its field of activity in time, has specialized in legal, commercial, technical and medical translations, and has become one of the indefinite translation offices of Turkey.

ARK Mediacom was founded in order to carry out advertising and publicity campaigns and desktop publishing activities. Having come into prominence on advertising-publicity and promotion, the company have succeeded in many international publicity and event organization and still carries on its activities in this field successfully.

ARK Consultancy was founded in order to operate in consultancy and training. Having started its activities on quality management

ARK Fair Management company was founded within the organization of the Group in order to be engaged in domestic and foreign fair organizations. All companies acting in separate fields came together under the roof of ARK Group and began to act with a new vision.

Today, ARK Group is taking firm steps towards its objectives as an enterprise systems acting in many fields from advertising and publicity to translation, from visa transactions to airline tickets, from international EXPO organizations to domestic fair, congress, seminar and symposium organizations with the companies founded within its organization…